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>> i talked to the police and they do not have an update on the investigation or victim. but the 14-year-old boy suffered life threatening injuries and is in critical condition. it happened here at grant street. we have a map to show you to give you a better idea of exactly where this accident happened. you can see on this map where the high school is. we know police is said the boy attended a school with reports online say the victim was a freshman at the high school this. yesterday was a holiday if school, president's day, so it is not known where the 14-year-old was out and about if this area but he was hit around 1:30 in the afternoon in a crosswalk. the driver did stop and is cooperating with police in the investigation. it is not likely the driver was speeding or drinking. the 14-year-old was taken to the
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hospital moments from this intersection but transferred to oakland children's hospital. i have reached out to the hospital this morning for an update on the boy's condition but have not heard back yet. live, again, this intersection, a lost online comments on sites about what a dangerous intersection this is for both pedestrians and drivers. in vallejo police are investigating a shooting insurance contents that left one dead and four others hospitalized, at 8:30 outside a home on humble street a block from interstate 80. police are trying to figure what sparks the gunfire but two people were rushed to the hospital by ambulance. three others walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds. they are expected to survive. police have not made any arrests so far. amy will have a live update in 30 minutes. >> an antioch woman is recovering after being hit by a bullet in a wild shootout.
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two people opened fire on each other last night. one of the bullets hit a woman who was inside her home. you can see the hole there. her house is down the street and around the corner from the shooting. the woman is expected to survive. this is the third time her home has been hit with stray bullets. >> f.b.i. agents have been digging for five weeks in an abandoned well but have not found additional victims of the speed freak killers. a year ago authorities found the remains of three bodies and a fetus at the site and were direct flood by death row inmate who was convicted along with another of several murders. one defendant committed suicide when learning that the other department was talking to authorities. >> new this morning, san jose will consider joining san francisco in the fight against
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proposition eight the same-sex marriage ban. today the san jose city council is going to vote whether to sign san francisco's supreme court brief challenging the constitutionality of prop 8 that would save san jose the since of drawing up its own drive. the supreme court will review prop 8 and the defense of marriage act that denies federal benefits to gay and lesbian married couples. >> president obama delivers the state of the union address to a joint session of congress and a national prime time audience. look for the president to refocus on the issues most crucial to americans, jobs and the economy. now live to washington, dc, with the details. >> good morning, we should expect president obama will be much more specific than he was during the inaugural address. the white house says the big focus is on the middle class and the economy. >> president obama's state of the union speech will focus
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primarily on jobs and the economy and will be different in substance and tone than his inaugural address last month. >> the economy will be central to this speech and how we grow the economy so everyone can participate, pay your fair share. >> he will promote manufacturing and education and clean energy and infrastructure, and warn congress to avoid the automatic spending cuts in defense and education scheduled for march 1. avoiding the automatic cuts and adding additional spending would require congressional approval sending him on a collision course with house republicans. >> it is time for washington, dc, literally, to get back to the basics. we cannot continue to spend money we don't have. >> president obama will also elaborate on the big themes from the inaugural speech, immigration, climate change and gun violence. tomorrow he heads to asheville, north carolina, for a speech to workers at an auto parts plant. there will be a 12 bone
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smokeout. >> they never say when he is coming here, it is secret, but he has been here before. we wait. we wait. >> democrats are placing a big emphasis on gun control, gabrielle giffords will be in the house chamber and the par. s of a slain chicago teen who performed at mr. obama's inauguration, sitting with the first lady. >> before you get away, those guests will remit one side of the argument and there is going to be a controversial guest representing the other side. who is that? >> ted nugent an n.r.a. mobile was invited by a house republican from texas and will be in the house chamber. he got in trouble making controversial comments about president obama's which some viewed as a threat and the secret service paid him a little visit for a chat. >> he said he would be dead or in jail this time next year if
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he were re-elected. thank you very much the you can watch the president's "state of the union" address live here on abc7 and at followed by the republican response. then "wheel of fortune" and the chef competition and then the weather team has a look inside bay area weather at 9:00. "modern family" and then "body of proof" and, then, abc7 news at 11. >> what about the bay area weather? >> we will find out from mike. >> hope you can watch the special. we have received a lot of great feedback. hope you enjoy it. now, what is going on now, the state of our morning is chilly with a lot of 30's. we have a few 40's around san jose and san francisco. as far as today, we are going to
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have 30's this morning inland, low 40's for the rest of us through 7:00 and look at the temperatures just on a run near 60 degrees by noon, in the low-to-mid 60's at 4:00 and low-to-mid 50's with a clear sky at 7:00. we can boost the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's under mostly sunny sky after fog in the morning, and valentine's day and friday, temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60's at the coast and upper 60's to 70's around the bay and inland. we have a touch of spring in the forecast. student? >> we have a problem spot san francisco at 15th, 101, and this is 80 coming off the bay bridge, a car fire is visible from the freeway so this could be a distraction at 15th so we will follow that. this is a free app you can download at apple app and google play.
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the santa cruz mountains show an accident at north 17, an overturn blocking the right lane of traffic. an early accident in daly city south 280 is cleared. that is good. the drive out of antioch is looking good and at the limit toward hillcrest to the conquered area. kristen and eric? >> next, putting an end to the worst bottleneck, a major highway project reaches the final stretch when commuters, you, will get relief. >> a test drive gone wrong. a review of a vehicle has a company c.e.o. going into overdrive.
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> eric, i kneel -- feel like saying "look west, young man." >> young man? you were not talking to me. >> i am, it is just a touch foggy in some places. but we will have another nice sunny day. how warm will you get? mike nicco has that coming up. >> chuck hagel faces the first major hurdle in the bid to become the nation's defense secretary. the senate armed services committee is set to vote on the nomination. the former nebraska senator
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faces fierce opposition from fellow republicans who challenged his past statements and votes on israel, iran, iraq, and nuclear weapons. the committee will split along party lines. the nomination is likely to be sent to the full senate. >> and tech stock is down as a car company defends itself against a negative review for a new model s sedan. shares for a company from palo alto closed down 2 percent after the review in the "new york times" over the weekend. the review detailed how the model s sales failed to meet the 300 mile range in cold temperatures. the c.e.o. is dismissing the article accusing the author of writing a "hit piece," saying ""new york times" article is about tests in cold is fake. vehicle logs tell a true story he did not charge to max and took a long detour. "new york times" says they stand
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stand by the story. >> work is on the final face of highway 4 including the e bart line with the stretch of bart in the center of the highway will have track on it carrying bart passengers between pittsburg and antioch. completion of the line from ten miles east to hillcrest in antioch is still four years appear but it is worth celebrating, with residents helping to pay for bart with nothing to show for it since it was envisioned back in the 60's. >> people have been paying for a long-term this is long over due, long awaited rail extension. >> the construction will take off after 2015 when work on the final expansion project along highway four is completed in addition to doubling the highway from two lanes to four in each direction. >> crews or anyone working outside want to know how the
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deal s. >> year was not taxing to be outside. enjoy the mild temperatures. we have haze out there and more moisture with patchy fog developing. most of that is in the north bay. you could find other yeahs. live doppler 7 hd shows the coast where there are clouds but notice the radar runs, the moisture is staying in the clouds with fog developing in oakland. updated the 5:00 observations are in at fairfield, still freezing at 31 and other cool spots are santa rosa and novato and livermore at 34, and 23 at -- 35 at concord, and 40 at san jose and san francisco is the warm spot at 46 with freezing cold in gilroy at 32 but ten degrees warmer in santa cruz. sunny and mild this afternoon. mostly clear and cool nights on
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the way. we will be warmer than average in the afternoon we will fall back to normal temperatures and 70-degrees high likely away from the coast thursday and friday. oakland will be 68 and same for santa rosa. and cooler spots are only 63 including san jose, livermore, concord and antioch and fairfield and san rafael. to the monterey bay, 61, and mid-60's around the bay and headed inland. now, tonight, possibility fog out there again, very isolated as the air dries out during the overnight hours and mid-30's to low 40's in most areas and san francisco is 45 degrees. here is what happened while you were sleeping, two areas of high pressure dominating our weather and the ridge will remain strong all week. we will see how far we can crank the thermostat up in the atmosphere, how about mid-to-upper 50's tomorrow and
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mid-60's to upper 60's and possibly 70 and on the holiday on monday, 50's at the coast but low-to-mid 60's and back to average by then. >> back to santa cruz mountains, 17, over turned car blocking the right lane in the northbound direction. a d.w.i. arrest is in progress. it could be some time before they get the lane re-opened. you can expect delays northbound. elsewhere, we were talking about the highway four expansion project. it is a real nightmare for commuters. right now, it is looking good out of antioch and hillcroft to 242, under 20 minutes westbound highway four. the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights and traffic is looking good on the upper deck into san francisco. no delays. kristen and eric? >> going to the emergency room could be bad for your health. we will tell you why. this is $100,000.
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we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> good morning, 5:21 on tuesday. walnut creek at the same time lights headed south looking fine. the weather is looking fine with no issues with visibility at least not in walnut creek. we will bring our meteorologist in, in a moment, to find out
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about patches of fog. >> is this a fashion story or a basketball story? the golden state warriors may not win an nba title but they could take the crown for being the most fashionable. check out the warriors players yesterday, they are not practice jerseys but they are the new uniforms the team will debut next week. the warriors will be the first team if decades to wear...jerseys with sleeves. the shorts will have pinstripes in honor of the cables in the new bay bridge. >> the short sleeves accentuate the biceps. >> and players like patrick ewing would wear a t-shirt under the jersey. >> burger is griping out new gourmet -- burger king is grinding out new gourmet coffee.
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>> and now jane king and the business report. >> going to the emergency room could be bad if are ill, you could develop post-traumatic stress disorder which can double your risk of dying in the next one to three years. >> news from burger king that could make you up. there is a massive upgrade to the coffee including $1 cup of seattle's best owned by starbucks. $2.29 lattes. also, ice coffee made great burger king's blend for $1.49. if you look for flowers for valentine's day, think big as in 6' tall rose. companies including the ultimate rose are among those selling the giant roses and sales are "blooming" and they can go for $260 a dozen and $50 for overnight shipping and are grown
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10 ,000 feet above sea level in the humidity of ecuador which has volcanic soil. >> burger king for...flavored coffees. >> copying mcdonald's because it has done so well for mcdonald's. >> and this is money in it. >> no original ideas out there, right? >> good morning, everyone, fog. we have a little bit in the north bay and the coast. temperatures running from 33 to 44 for the commute. this afternoon, 61 to 68. sunshine. mild temperatures. above average in all neighborhoods. it will be clear tonight at 45 to 55 degrees. across the state the radar is quiet. low-to-mid 50's along the coast
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and mid-to-upper 40's in the high country with tahoe at 44 degrees. >> there is an overturn on north 17, and a d.w.i. arrest is underway and traffic will remain sluggish moving northbound open 17. elsewhere, coming from the central valleys you will find speeds slowing from tracy and in livermore it moves nicely. southbound ramp to northbound 85, in the cupertino area, remains closed until 6:00 because of road work, the ramp there. also, the drive toward the macarthur maze with headlights headed westbound on 80 beyond the university avenue overcrossing to berkeley with traffic slowing nicely and crowded as you merge with 580 merging with 80, otherwise, speeds are at the limit in the
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macarthur maze. >> we have a power outage in oakland. >> 9896 customers are affected, and they are trying to figure out what is happening. >> and jimmy kimmel found something to laugh about from the blizzard in the northeast poking fun at the weather people. sorry, mike. >> people are suffering as a result of the storms. no one has its worse than our weather reporters. when the weather is at its worse these brave, dumb men and women, fly directly into it. the networks make them go there. nbc has been trying to kill al, for years. >> jimmy kimmel live weeknights here at the new time following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> and al is a survivor. >> the world is watching north korea following the latest
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nuclear test. ahead at 5:30, the emergency meeting world leaders are getting ready to con season right -- convene right now. >> five people shot last night in vallejo and what police are telling us this morning.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:29. patches of fog that you can see. >> quick update on the oakland power outage. better news here rather than 900
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without power, only down to 33 people without power. that is a result of a vehicle hitting a power pole in the area but only 33 customers so the power is back on. >> peg is -- pg&e quicking getting power restored. >> patchy fog at santa rosa, otherwise, dry conditions. temperatures range from 31 in fairfield. up to 46 in san francisco. everyone in the 30's but oakland, 41 in fremont and 44 in san jose at 40. this afternoon, monday, off to a great start with sunshine, mild temperatures, breezy at the coast compared to yesterday and low-to-mid 60's and low-to-upper 60's around our bay and inland this afternoon. the traffic this morning, sue? >> the tow truck is en route to the accident north 17 an overturn blocking the right lane
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of traffic. c.h.p. is on the scene dealing with a d.w.i. bart, muni and caltrain is the great way do go with no delays with mass transit. 580 the altamont pass, highway 4 from antioch, and 80 commute to the macarthur maze and a look at the san mateo bridge, a few brake lights on the flat section otherwise, it is moving nicely between hair and the peninsula. >> developing news from vallejo, where five were shot and one was killed. amy is live off i-80. amy? >> police are still here. look behind me, still going through the garage here on eastwood street in vallejo looking for clues, trying to figure out what happened. they have put together that all five people who were shot last night in vallejo were shot at
5:30 am
this home. they didn't know that at first. they found two shooting victims. later, three other victims walked into the hospital. they did not know if all five were related. they have since figured out after talking to the victims, getting statements in them, they have determined all five people were shot here, four men and a woman. one of those men was killed. this happened inside a garage. last night. neighbors say the couple would live here moved in about a month ago. the lead investigator here at the scene tells me he thinks at least two of the victims live inside the home. police say they do not know much else and do not have leads. it is too early to tell if it is gang-related or drug-related. they are still here going through the evidence, going through the homes, trying to figure out what happened.
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>> 5:32. this morning a man is in critical condition after being shot by richmond police. officers were investigating the scene last night, and it began when police responded to a call of a man with a gun. at the same time, the police department's shot spotter system picked up gunfire in the area and officers confronted 309-year-old armed man and opened fire. >> a bank robbery suspect is under arrest after an end to five hour stand off in newark. >> abc7 was there as officers fired two concussion canisters into a motel room. police say a man suspected of robbing a bank in fremont barricaded himself inside. he surrendered after 8:00. he and another man are suspected of robbing a bank of the west yesterday three miles away. police tracked them to the me
5:32 am
they after spotting a possible get away truck. the other suspect gave up soon after officers surrounded the room. >> man is in custody this morning after leading police on a long high speed chase that spanned several counties. we brought it live as it happened on abc7 news at 11, ending in east oakland. we caught the pursuit in emeryville passing through interstate 80 hitting 100 miles per hour at times and ended with no injuries off interstate 580. >> a teacher at castro valley high school is on paid leave this morning pending an investigation of sexual misticket. the district superintendent released this statement saying "last week, a member of the team at castro valley high school was alerted to allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a student and an employee." the superintendent says the district took immediate action and notified the alameda county sheriff. >> new this morning, the search for accused cop killer
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christopher dorner has authorities focusing on mexico. a hotel was raided. marshals have reason to believe he fled to mexico to avoid prosecution but, so far, they don't have any confirmed sightings. the ex-lapd officer is facing murder charges in the shooting of a riverside police officer which could bring the death penalty. lapd is considering several alternate theories about the whereabouts. according to the "los angeles times", a theory is that he died in the snow at big bear where the burned out truck was discovered. police admit they could be chasing a ghost and they will not know for sure until the snow melts. police were hoping that the $1 million reward will lead them to dorner. >> the vatican is admitting the pope had secret surgery to replace a pace maker battery. pope benedict will not take part in choosing the successor and
5:34 am
appointed most of the cardinals would will choose the next pope with the largest bloc coming from europe. many who gather for mass in the bay area last night prayed for the pope. and students hope the next pontiff opens a dialogue on issues like married priests and same-sex marriage. >> i believe in a lost the traditions that we have in the church but we need to move forward. >> i don't know about married priests but more respect and authority and power for the women in the church including the nuns and lay women. >> the people will step february 28. >> the u.n. security council is gathering for an emergency meeting this morning to discuss north korea's latest nuclear test. the closed door session is scheduled to begin in just under half an hour at 6:00 our time. this morning, north korea announced they tested a minute
5:35 am
that tuesdayed nuclear device, and an earthquake measuring up to 5.2 was registered in the morning this morning possibly caused by the debt. nato calls it irresponsible. >> president obama will concentrate on jobs and the economy when he gives the state of the union address tonight. the president will push for additional government spending to promote manufacturing, education, clean energy, and infrastructure. he will warn congress to avoid the automatic spending cuts in defense and education set to kick in march 1. you can watch the president's state of the union live here, at 6:00 tonight. >> a tunnel in richmond is closed after the discovery of serious structural problems. the tunnel is the route into the point richmond neighborhood. the concrete walls of the tunnel have been holding bag the earth
5:36 am
for a century but on friday part of the tunnel broke away from the ceiling revealing an alarming discovery. a city engineer says it is a space the size of a pickup truck that should have been filled with earth against a concrete wall 2' knick. >> large air void inside or above the tunnel. what is disturbing is the ceiling of the tunnel is only 5" thick and for taxpayers it means a $750,000 cosmetic job will stretch into millions for structural repairs. >> driving this morning, did you see any fog? >> did not. i have seen it on the camera shots. >> the thickest fog is half mile visibility, and novato was half mile last hour and this hour,
5:37 am
unlimited visibility with a few clouds on the coast at half moon bay down to seven miles. you can see the moisture, the green and the yellow. that is more humidity in the air. the orange is where we fine the dry air. the orange, also, is well to sea. more humanity today. but, still, a very nice day with 35 to 42 our spread from now moving to the 60's by noon and low-to-mid 60's in the sunny afternoon and nothing but stars in the evening. and low-to-mid 60's so, very comfortable evening to be outside with temperatures climbing and mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow. enjoy the warm weather. >> we go back to the santa cruz mountains and awaiting a snow we truck an overturn blocking the right lane but not seeing a lot of slowing. checking santa rosa, southbound, 101, mike has said there is fog.
5:38 am
take it easy. look like 30-minute drive to novato. 680, from 24 to 580 is looking good at 20 minutes. a quick look at san jose, 87, the headlights headed northbound, on the h.p. pavilion, all showing light conditions. >> without say you are insane? >> always. >> it has been a year since lin sanity and the homecoming for jeremy lin. >> a new warning for bart passengers: fake tickets you need to be aware
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, the golden gate bridge, does it look it could be a bit foggy? >> could be. >> we will check with mike nicco to find out for sure. traffic is no problem here. we will check with sue hall on the commute. >> a protest over a new jail in redwood city is expected at the
5:42 am
meeting of the san mateo board of supervisors. demonstrators were at the jail site in july following a ground breaking ceremony for the $160 million jail project. opponents are concerned the supervisors will use the new tax money for jail operating costs. voters passed measure (a), a tax to expand health care and other social services and the supervisors are expected to set spending priorities for the revenue. >> bart police are warning passengers to look out for counterfeit tickets that look like the real thing. according to bart, thieves are selling the bogus tickets at the station. riders should only buy tickets from vending machines. tickets of coded and if you buy counterfeit you cannot get a refund. >> bart is planning an extreme makeover of two busiest stations.
5:43 am
40 percent of passengers get off at embarcardero and montgomery so they want to knock down the existing walls and install additional platforms on the other side of the tracks to let passengers board on both sides and installing sliding doors to open when it is time to board. the cost is $900 million. >> an artist with a baby grand piano is drawing big crowds in an unusual venue: along the ocean front at half moon bay. >> the concert is part an art project. the piano was hauled to the edge of the cliff at half moon bay 10 days ago and the crowds crowds e been flocking saying it is bringing the community together. >> beautiful to be at the ocean where everything is changing. that is life, right? >> the piano will be there until
5:44 am
thursday the deadline given by the city of half moon bay because the art installation doesn't have permits. he plans to hall the piano back to the property where he says he will burn it as the final chapter of the art project. >> it was only a year ago when lynn sanity was born and tonight a homecoming when he returns with the houston rockets new to face his old team, the warriors. he faced the warriors in houston and played one of the best games of the season sinking five, three pointers, a career high. the war years everyone blown out by the rockets. golden state will plan for pay back in oakland tonight. >> got to play perimeter defense, boys. do not leave a shooter open. my advice. >> either way, it will be packed house. very exciting. how is the weather? >> great. will not even need a coat. it will be hot inside.
5:45 am
node a coat this morning, patience, and extra moisture out there. that is what we are looking at the form of haze this morning, from everyville to san francisco, live doppler 7 hd showing clouds along the coast and what we are dealing with is a little uptick in the moisture but no rain, not this morning. don't worry about the wet weather. 31 in fairfield. 41 in oakland. 46 in san francisco. that is the spread this morning. a lot of us in the 30's, so it is jacket weather the forecast in gilroy, mid-to-upper 30's around salinas. sunny and mild this afternoon. mostly clear and cool the next couple of nights. temperature our nights will still be mild. but thursday and friday, those are the hottest days or warmest in the forecast. in the south bay, 63, 64, 65,
5:46 am
the three temperatures dominate the neighborhood and 65 at los altos. mid-60's around downtown and south friend and sausalito and san rafael, 63, and the cooler spots up north and santa rosa is the warm spot at 68. 67 in castro valley. oakland is 68. inland, 62 in pittsburg and 65 in dublin and low-to-mid 60's in the monterey bay. tonight, the temperatures are like this morning, 40's around the bay shore, most of us in the 30's tonight but, frost becoming less and less likely and still a small chance of a little bit of moisture in the form of fog. check out how dominant the rim is, to the north, to the east, and it will hang around all week is our temperatures will surge to near 70 thursday and friday
5:47 am
and the original breakdown just a little bit over the weekend and by the holiday on monday, upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. have a great day. >> back to the santa cruz mountains with a tow truck on the scene getting the overturn righted. north 17, c.h.p. is on the scene there. we have new meter lights starting this morning at 6:00. northbound 280, six mile stretch between jackson avenue and leland avenue, may have to alter the routine to wait for the metering lights but dim improve northbound 280 this morning at 6:00. the altamont pass, highway 92, san mateo bridge, to the peninsula, there is the east shore commute. you can say goodbye tow res weeing in the olympics, the oldest olympic sports has been cut from the 2020 games by the
5:48 am
olympic committee deciding to retain the modern pentathalon, with wrestling removeed. eric, you were quite surprised by that, right? >> i was. goes back further to the original olympic games, they have always wrestled. so, we will see if that sticks. coming up at 5:50. first the have been and now mardi gras. >> research showing how many lives could be saved by cutting salt. >> coming up at 6:00, forget the gender pay gap,
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>> 5:52. bay area-based virgin america has announced new nonstop service to austin and anchorage from sfo. the airline says tickets go on sale today but you cannot fly to austin until may 21 and to anchorage june 6. >> new rules for sailing under the bay bridge after a tanker accident. last month a 762' long oil tanker hit a tower causing
5:52 am
millions in damage to the tower fender. we were over the scene. the san francisco examiner is reporting a safety group could adopt new guidelines today that limits ships from sailing under the bay bridge in foggy conditions and requiring visibility reports for ships leaving the bay. >> how is the visibility this morning? >> along the coast, how does it look? >> good morning, everyone, a few clouds. be careful until 9:00 with temperatures well above average, seven degrees warmer in oakland with 68. napa at 66. livermore, 64. san francisco, 64, three degrees warmer-than-average. a dry radar across the entire state, and temperatures in the low-to-upper 60's across southern california. low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and 50's at the coast and 40's in the high
5:53 am
country. sue? >> a live look at bay bridge toll plaza, with no metering lights just a little delay here for cash-paying folks but nothing to speak of. traffic is slowing nicely elsewhere. on the upper deck, too, with no problems into san francisco, but, still, an overturned, north 17, here well over an hour, c.h.p. is on the scene and a d.w.i. arrest is underway. tow truck has just arrived so we hope to have better news for you in the next few minutes. look at the drive time, 580, 92, and 80 moving into the macarthur maze, still under 20 minutes. kristen and eric? >> police stumbled upon a menacing predator during a search warrant, a 3' longally gator. the couple that lives in the house suspected of selling marijuana. the animal was turned over to the humane services and 50
5:54 am
pounds of marijuana were found. >> if you are one of those taking vitamin d you may wonder how much you are getting. supplements were tested and the pills contain from 9 percent to 140 percent of the dose listed. no pills were actually likely dangerous. they could contain too little to street someone with a deficiency. vitamin d is certain for bone health but most of us get enough from food and the sun. >> speaking of food, put down the salt shaker if you want to live longer, that is the message from the american heart association journal that says americans take in 3,600 milligrams of salt each day. lowering that by 40 percent could prevent heart disease from taking the lives of 500,000. lowering by 50 percent could prevent more than a million deaths. researchers from uc san francisco and harvard took part
5:55 am
in the study. >> thousands are celebrating the last day of mardi gras. this is the french quarter at 8:00 there, right? not too early to get started but perhaps it is the wet weather that is keeping people indoors this morning. >> only a couple of people are on the streets. >> just a couple. >> the french quarter was more packed for fat monday yesterday because of the rain today on fat tuesday. a million people are expected to fill the streets and we will see how maybe materialize. so far, officials have not canceled parade plans, the party ends at midnight when length begins. >> a 14-year-old is hit by a car in a crosswalk. >> president obama will deliver a state of the union tonight and a shift in for discuss that is familiar territory. >> later, building good credit
5:56 am
"consumer reports" look at credit cards for young people and the ones they should
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, good morning on tuesday at 5:59. thanks for joining us. >> first up we will check on the weather. you may run into a little bit of fog but not constant. >> that is a good way to put it. it is very localized around santa rosa. they have half mile visibility. that is where you will find most of the fog. we have clouds near the coast. notice the last three hours you can see them trying to be pushed away from the coast by the offshore wind. the wind is a limit bit too slow. that is why we have thing for forming. it is hazier than yesterday. with extra moisture in the air. santa rosa is half a mile and
5:59 am
everyone else is good. this morning, we are at 33 to 44, 33 being inland and four is san francisco always the warmest spot in the morning. this afternoon, everyone is sunny. temperatures near normal if not above normal and 61 to 68 degrees. during the evening hours, it will be comfortable at 45 to 55 degrees. we will see how long this will last in the accweather seven-day outlook. >> we go to the san mateo bridge, as you make your way from the toll plaza, westbound, on the flat section toward foster city boulevard, looking like a 17-minute drive in the westbound direction, the same in the eastbound, too. in the santa cruz mountains, c.h.p. is in the final clearing stay of the overturn north 17, which should be out of there shortly. it is very sluggish from

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